Environmental pollution and illogical use of natural resources such as depression of coastal wetlands and mangroves, chemical pollution in agriculture and pollution in urban environment and industry become more and more serious in the Mekong Delta. Besides, the global climate has complicated changes. Therefore, we need a staff which is equipped with fully knowledge and capacity to solve these issues.

In 2008, Department of Environmental Science was established to meet the needs of environmental research and education in the Mekong Delta and research on management and logical and sustainable use of natural resources. The Department’s function is training undergraduate students on Environmental Sciences in the formal university system, master students on Environmental Sciences and PhD students on Soil and Water Environment. University entrance exam is held once per year in accordance with general procedure of the Ministry of Education and Training. Graduate admission is held twice per year in accordance with general schedule of Can Tho University.    

On organization, Department of Environmental Science has the Board of Department to manage all activities of Department and 3 labs ( Advanced Soil and Water Environment Laboratory and Soil and Water Environment Lab, Advanced Environmental Biology and Environmental Biology LaboratoryAdvanced Environmental Toxicology and Environmental Toxicology Laboratory And Advanced Environmental Engineering Lab) and Biogas Lab to serve for researching and teaching on relevant fields. The Board of Department includes Head of Department who is in charge of general and Deputy Head of Department who is in charge of training, scientific research, international cooperation, and the unions. Department has 3 labs including Environmental Quality Lab, Bio-Resources Lab, and Environment Toxicology Lab.

On Human Resources, Department has 5 senior lecturers, 6 lecturers, and 2 researchers. On Degree, Department has 4 associate professors, 4 doctors and 5 masters. Lecturers and researchers are domestically and internationally trained on different fields such as agricultural ecology, forest resources management, environmental toxicology, aquaculture, environmental sciences, agronomy, chemistry, soil environment, environmental biology, wetlands.


 Contact address:

  • Department of Environmental Science
  • College of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Campus II, 3/2 Street, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city
  • Email: tsnam@ctu.edu.vn (Head of Department) or ncthuan@ctu.edu.vn (Deputy of Department)                                                                                                                                                           


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