Welcome to the Department of Environmental Engineering- College of the Environment and natural resources. With the target of training engineers majoring in environmental engineering and having enough professional qualifications, techniques and professional ethics to meet requirements of social-economic construction and development and environmental protection mission. Our department always welcomes students to study environmental engineering; we always cherish, preserve and promote collaborative relationships with partners in the field of teaching and doing research. Studying this specialized training, students can benefit from the convenient research-study environment with flexible credit training curriculum designed by themselves to promote self-control and self-study competence. Teaching staff have high qualifications and practical experience together with modern research equipment ensure the best research and teaching. Our success is measured by the quality of expertise and competence of engineers graduating in applying knowledge that they have perceived during lecture halls into real life. Department of Environmental Engineering always welcomes and wishes to cooperate with research units, applying research and teaching in the country and abroad. The Department is promoting the construction of higher training programs of Environmental Engineering sector in the near future so as to train technical human resources highly qualified for the Mekong Delta to meet the objective of industrialization and modernization of the region.


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