The Water Resources Laboratory was established in 1984 with the original name of the Laboratory of Hydraulics & Hydrology, belonging to the Faculty of Irrigation and Soil Reclamation (now the Faculty of Technology). This is one of the earliest established laboratories of the former Faculty of Irrigation and Soil Reclamation.

The Water Resources Laboratory serves for the practice of the subjects: Fluid Mechanics Practice, Hydraulics Practice, Water Resource Monitoring Practice, for majors in the Faculty of Environment & Natural Resources as well as the majors in the Faculty of Technology include: Civil and Industrial Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering...

Water Resources Laboratory, belongs to College of Environment & Natural Resources, Can Tho University. Recently, the Laboratory of Water Resources has carried out experiments in the laboratory to serve the projects of the College of Environment & Natural Resources and is an practice place in related subjects, serving graduation topics for students, graduate students and PhD students.


The human resources of the Water Resources Laboratory under the College of Environment & Natural Resources include:

Laboratory Head:

Lam Van Thinh - PhD, Senior Lecturer

Participating staffs:

Nguyen Dinh Giang Nam - PhD, Head of department, Lecturer

Huynh Vuong Thu Minh - PhD, Deputy of department, Lecturer

Vo Quoc Thanh - PhD, Lecturer


The Water Resources Laboratory is equipped with equipments and tools for experiments, studies and specialized research, and coordinates with other laboratories in the college to ensure adequate service for study, research.

The laboratory's equipments were invested mainly from the state budget and international cooperation programs, especially the Japanese ODA program. The main equipments of the Laboratory include: Self Recording Electromagnetic Current Meter MIDAS ECM Valeport, MIDAS SVX2 Combined SV and CT Profiler, Multiparameter Probe (Aqua Troll 400, Aqua Troll 600), Total station (Topcon GM-101), Water level meter with acoustic and light signal (Eijkelkamp), Global Water Flow Probes FP111, Global Water SP250 Quick Release Water Sampler, Precipitation Gauge (Met One 370), Climomaster anemometer (Kanomax 6501)…

Figure 1. MIDAS SVX2

Figure 2. Aqua TROLL 400 Multiparameter Probe

Figure 3. Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Probe

Figure 4. Topcon GM-101 Total station

Figure 5. Water level meter with acoustic and light signal

Figure 6. Global Water Flow Probes

Figure 7. Precipitation Gauge (Met One 370)

Figure 8. Climomaster anemometer (Kanomax 6501)


4        MISSIONS

4.1       Teaching

Currently, the Water Resources laboratory is served for research activities and teaching including:

  • MT340 Water Resource Management;
  • MT352 Water resource management practice;
  • MT278 Practice in Water resource monitoring techniques;
  • MT280 Groundwater resource monitoring techniques;
  • CN109 Fluid mechanics practice;
  • MT317 Irrigation Planning.

4.2       Research

The laboratory has served experiments of research projects at university, ministerial level and overseas research. In addition, the laboratory also supports the experiments for undergraduate and graduate students theses.


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