Introduction tofull-time education programs in CENRes

 CENRes offers bachelor programs in 6 different majors:

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environment and Natural Resources Management
  • Land Management
  • Silviculture
  • Water Resources Engineering

        Undergraduate programs have been started in the period of 1996 – 1997: Land Management, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, and Natural Management and Environment. In 2008, two programs of Environmental Sciences and Environment and Natural Resources Management were officially trained. In addition, the programs of Silviculture and Water Resource Engineering was started in 2010 and 2015, accordingly. A number of alumni reach up to more than 5,000 engineers. At the present, several graduates continue to follow high education to gain Master and PhD degrees either inside or outside the country.

       Between 2019 and 2020, the College of Environment and Natural Resources has trained 4 undergraduate programs: Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Environment and Natural Resources Management, and Land Management. 

       Credit-based study programs have been applied since course 45, consisting of 150 credits within 4,5 years. Thanks to that, undergraduate students do not only actively plan their own study schedule, but also simultaneously attend another undergraduate program or continue their study when they graduate from college. After graduation, students will get the university degree entitled "Engineer". 

          With experienced and professional teaching staff and well-equipped labs, the College of Environment and Natural Resources surely trains young engineers with great professional competence in the region and the nation.


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