Introduction to PhD programs in CENREs

     College of Environment and Natural Resources manages two Doctoral programs: Soil and Water Environment (2010) and Land Management (2015). Until now, 19 PhD students in Soil and Water Environment have graduated, 27 PhD students have studied at the college. PhD training scale, scientific research as well as other training activities have remarkably been improved; hundreds of scientific articles and researches have been published. In addition, doctoral training activity also shows CTU capacity of training and scientific research in the field of environment and natural resources. Initiative research orientations will probably become a pioneer in the field of environment and natural resources. 

     Doctoral program is based on the credit system (equivalent to 90 credits: 2 specialized subjects + overview article, PhD thesis and curriculum, within 3-4 years). 

     Please find detailed information on Doctoral programs on Soil and Water Environment, Land Management here
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