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     The student popularity of CENRes has been rising. Since 1995, over 6.000 students have studied in the fields of environment and natural resources at Can Tho University in general and in the recent years, about 500-700 students hasyearly enrolled in the CENRes.

     Currently students of the College have earned a bachelor's degree in 3.5 to 4 years. From 1995 to 2013, at the university scale, 3.808 students have earned the bachelor’s degree on the majors of the environment and natural resources fields. To give students opportunity in studying, the college also offers the part time programs which has been taken by many students. Particularly, the total number of students taking part-time courses since 2009 is 871. The CENRes has been continuously contributed a great amount of human resources to economic and social development in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.

     The overall increase is a recent trend in the college enrollment which may reflect that CENRes is recognized as one of the top institutions in the fields of environment and natural resources in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta for students to study and research.

Figure A: Enrollment record (1995-2017)






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