Number of students and alumni

of College of Environment and Natural Resources

         Annually, the average number of enrollments is from 380 to 500 students per year. The total number of enrolled students accumulated at CENRes reaches up to more than 8,496 (since 1995 up to now). In details, the number of students by year is detailed as shown in the chart below.

It currently takes between 4 and five years to complete a bachelor’s degree when the student attends the university full-time (for program of 161 credits, the cohort 48 onwards). However, it was shorter from 3.5 to 4.5 years for the former bachelor program of 150 credits (cohort 46 – 47), 140 credits (cohort 45 and the earlier). The total number of current alumni of all bachelor programme of the CENRes training is approximately 8,500 alumni (including 1,864 engineers graduated at the affiliated training institutions of the CTR in Mekong Delta provinces. This number of graduated engineers is good evidence for important role and contributions of the CENREs into the human resources development not only in the Mekong delta province but also in the whole nation. See more details about number of alumni in the chart below.



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