Administration Office

                                                                                                                Tel no.: (0292) 3831068     Fax: (0292) 3831068  
1. Supporting staff:


Full name




Nguyen Thi Bich Nhi

- general affairs, scientific research affairs, international relation affairs, financial affairs 


Pham Viet Nu

- Academic affairs, quality assurance, student-related affairs


Bui Thi Chuyen

- Archive management, postgraduate affairs, student-related affairs


Ngo Minh Nhu Chau

- Classroom management


Tran Thi Kim Hong

- Personnel management


Nguyen Thanh Trung

- Facility management and website administration


2. Function
Administration office functions as a consultancy and assisting unit for Dean Board in organization and management of administrative-related affairs and information exchange between Dean Board with staff, lecturers, students and other units inside and outside the College and CanTho University.
3. Responsibilities
3.1. Administration Unit
- To propose general plans on the college activities related to administration, gather information about the college activities. To keep records and monitor the implementation of planned activities.
- To manage the College’s archive effectively.
- To monitor and remind departments and other units at the College to implement activities as planned.
- To make reports, a variety of official document...based on the Dean Board’s request.
- To update data on college activities in order to provide for Dean Board as request.

- To manage classrooms, halls, and audio-visual devices.
- To organize, guide and check format and contents of official document of units in the College.
- To keep records and provide referrals, on-duty travel paper, parcel delivery, etc.
- To monitor the emulation and commendation work of the College
- To manage the stamp of the College
- To carry out regular sanitation and to safeguard the area managed by the College.
- To attempt to resolve normative administrative procedures fast, timely and effectively.
- To clean regularly the halls and manage facilities properly.
- To prepare carefully for all work, and to be devoted and considerate to give good service to everyone.
  3.2. Security Guard Unit
- To safeguard the entire area managed by College in terms of security, properties, equipment, facilities, firefighting, sanitation and environmental protection within the College’s compound.
- To control staff and visitors in and out the college.
- To welcome and report the Dean Board about visitors who come to the College.
  3.3 Cleaning Unit
 - To clean the entire area managed by the College.


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