The Department of Environmental Science was established in 1996 from department Environment and Natural Resource Management (Faculty of Agriculture and Applied Biology), in 2001 department started training at master's level. In 2008, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources was established, department was transferred from Agriculture and Applied Biology to Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources. In 2010, BM started training for a PhD in Soil and Water.
Department was established to meet the needs of environmental research and education in the Mekong Delta, participating in research on the management and rational and sustainable use of natural resources. The department has the function of training engineers majoring in Environmental Science at university, master's degree in environmental science and doctorate in soil and water environment. Environmental science with the strength of scientific research, technology transfer, scientific application to solve environmental problems in order to find solutions to reduce and treat pollution, contribute to the management and control of environmental problems. environmental protection. Every year, the Department has trained hundreds of environmental engineers to serve in state management agencies on environment, environmental consulting companies and operate treatment systems in factories., factories and export processing zones... in the West and Southeast regions.
The organizational structure of the Department of Environmental Science includes the Department's Head of Department, the Branch, and the Department's Trade Union. The Head of the Department consists of a Head of the Department in general charge, a Deputy Head of the Department of Scientific Research and International Cooperation. By 2023, the Department has seven teaching staff, including four with the title of associate professor (PGs), and three with a doctorate degree. In addition, the department also has a young force of researchers with the number of seven, all with master's degrees, of which two are researchers who are PhD students in Japan.
Currently, the department is in charge of managing four laboratories (Laboratory) in the Building Complex of Laboratory (RLC) and High-Tech Building (ATL) including: Laboratory of Environmental Biology and Environmental Biology advanced field (RLC); Soil and Water Environment and Advanced Soil and Water Environment (RLC); Environmental Toxicology and Advanced Environmental Toxicology (RLC) and Advanced Environmental Engineering (ATL) Laboratory.




 Contact address:

  • Department of Environmental Science
  • College of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Campus II, 3/2 Street, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city
  • Email: (Head of Department) or (Deputy of Department)                


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