The university education on Environmental Sciences (Code: 7440301)

  • Environmental Sciences is one of the majors of the environment in general. Students are trained and studied on composition of environment, ecosystems, natural resources issues, pollution issues, and controlling environmental pollution.
  • The major focus is on training engineers who possess expertise on exploitation and sustainable use of resources, evaluating the risks and environmental impacts, solving the degradation of soil, water, and air environment, managing environmental quality, researching on environment toxicology, conserving natural resources and biodiversity, handling and controlling environmental pollution, analyzing and assessing environment quality.
  • On bachelor's degree in Environmental Science, the students have to accumulate 150 credits which consist of 89 obligatory credits and 61 elective credits to graduate. The curriculum is designed with 3 knowledge groups. The format of the graduation thesis of Environmental Sciences will be guided by an instructor. 

Job position

+ Environment inspector, environment police, officer of departments, people’s committees at all levels, climate change offices.

+ Engineers work at companies which have activities related to environment.

+Experts offer expert advice and evaluate the effects of environment for socio-economic organizations, government and non-government organization related to environment.

+ Lectures or researchers at universities, colleges, research institutes or training centers related to environment.



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