Transfer of science and technology

Department of Environmental Science performs researches on environment included basic researches on the types of environment such as air environment, soil environment, water environment, organism-environment and social environment and application researches to solve environmental issues in order to support for the sustainable development in all areas.

Organizing training

- 8/2015. Environmental management measures in seed production and shrimp culture for technicians and staff of Department of Ca Mau Aquaculture.

- 8/2016. Management measures of water quality in seed production and shrimp culture for technicians and the staff of Department of Ca Mau Aquaculture.

- 15/03/2017: Training on “Introduction about water-saving irrigation techniques and how to collect gas emission samples from the fields” in Chau Thanh, An Giang province.

- 30/06/2021: Organize training on water environment monitoring in aquaculture for technicians and staff of Ca Mau Fisheries Sub-Department

Seminar report

1. Integrate sustainable production and consumption into regional and national development policies and plans. (Reporter: Duong Tri Dung)

(link download here)

2. Air pollution affects the environment and preventive measures (Reporter: Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc)

3. Cancer-causing agents come from the natural environment (Reporter: Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc)

4. Building a biogas model to treat pig waste and provide renewable energy with biogas for the community (Reporter: Tran Sy Nam)


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