The Master’s Program on Environmental Sciences

The curriculum of the Master’s Program on Environmental Sciences is designed in accordance with general regulations of the Ministry of Education And Training (QĐ 45/2008 QĐ BGDĐT) and regulations of Can Tho University (QĐ 2102/QĐ-ĐHCT).

Training goal

Training masters on Environmental Sciences who possess capacity for organizing research independently on environment and natural resources issues, offering expert advices and evaluating the risk and environmental impacts, managing and preserving natural resources.

Skills and knowledge goal

  • Knowledge: equiq trainees with scientific research ability; Update and improve basic knowledge; Have a thorough knowledge of major knowledge; Have high level of theory and practice; Have creativity capacity and solve issuses in science- technology and environment.
  • Skills: work independently or in groups; Improve research skills and solve problems skills in the reality; Seize in-depth research methods on science-technology and environment.

Training time is 2 years and the maximum studying time is 4 years with the full-time of education and training.

The curriculum consists of 60 credits in which there are 41 obligatory credits and 19 elective credits included 10 credits of dissertation thesis.

In 2013, the board of the College of Environment and Natural Resources approved the new curriculum frame with new code to be suitable to the requirement of the society.

The curriculum of master’s program


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