Biology of Environmental Engineering Lab

Manager: Dr. Kim Lavane

Phone N0: 0383334026

Function: The Biology of Environmental Engineering Lab has two main functions, supporting lab teaching and research activities of undergraduate and graduate students, lecturers.


Provide a proper and comfortable space for students to study and research.

Enumeration and determination of microbiological indicators and pathogenic microorganisms in the environment and foodIsolation and culture of microorganismsTreatment of microbial wastes


Autoclave, Model Hirayama HVE51

Double water distiller , Model Aquatron A4000D

Incubator Model Memmert BE400

Dry oven, Model Memmert UNE500


Water bath

Vortex mixer

Orbital shaker

Other supplies and tools


     Hirayama HVE51

               Water distiller

             Aquatron A4000D


                  Memmert BE400

Teaching & Research:

Teaching subject:

- Microbiology for Environmental engineering-MT140

- Environmental microbiology–MT422


- Assessment of microbial contamination of soil, water, air, food.

- Identification of microbial diversity in the environment and their growth and effects;

- Isolation and identification of isolates and their potential degradation of wastes.