Lab name: Lab of Environmental Engineering Chemistry

Head of Lab: Dr. Kim Lavane


Cellphone N0: 0383334026

Management Dept: Dept. of Environmental Engineering

Location: Room N0: RLC 2.31 và RLC 2.32, Research Laboratories Complexes (RLC Building)


Environmental Engineering Chemistry and Advanced Environmental Engineering Chemistry and Laboratory were established to serve as teaching activities to undergraduate and graduate students. These Lab also provide a proffessional space for students, lecturers and staff carrying out scientific research.

Teaching Laboratory courses for undergraduate and graduate levels in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Water Supply and Sewerage,... including:

Applied Environmental Chemistry Laboratory - MT431

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory - MT422

Water Chemistry and Microbiology Laboratory– MT192

Environmental Treatment Unit Laboratory - MT448

Provide facilities to students and lectures analyzing physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters to assess the characteristics of domestic supply water, surface water, wastewater, treated wastewater, groundwater, and soil.

Chemical parameters: độ đục, pH, EC, TDS, SS, BOD5, COD, TKN, NH4+, NO3-, TP, PO43-,Cl-,…

Microbial and biochemical parameters in environment and food: Total coliform, E. coli, Enterococci, Shamonella, heterotrophic, protozoa, enzymatic activities, PCR, Gel electrophoresis, Gel reading,…

Soil: total phosphate, total nitrogen, available phosphate, available nitrogen, total carbon.

Some heavy metals

In addition, Environmental Engineering Chemistry also develop and consult of  environmental treatment units and systems.


Main facilities

1. Rotavapor® Buchi R-100


Pressured Gas Blowing Concentrator®

 Eyela MGS 2200

Rotavapor system

Vaccum: V-100 with control unit I-100

Colling: Chiller F-100

Alum Block: N0 24 needle, MGS 2200

For trace contaminant concentration

2. Spectrophotometer® Hach 6000 EDU

- Vave length: 190 – 1100 nm;

- Range: ± 3 ABS

- 200 programs available

- suitable for various cuvet sizes

Analyze varoious parameters using Hach standard chemicals

3. Kjeldahl  System




Digester unit

Distill unit Behr S5

For TKN và NH4+ analysis


5. Dissolved Oxygen meter® DO-31P (TOA)

DO range: 0.00 – 20.00mg/L

To measure DO at environmental sites and in the lab

6. BOD incubator® Aqualytic TC-445S

- Temp: 20 ± 0.5 °C

- Volume: 445 L

For BOD5 incubation


7. Water distillation® Hamilton WSC/8S

- Type:  Single distill

- Capacity: 8 L/h


8. Shaking incubator® Labtech LSI-3016R

Temp: 10-600C (±0.10C)

Shaking speed: 20-300 rad/min, dia. 20 mm

Univeral rack for various flask sizes, test tube


For bacterial culture

For batch adsoption experiment 

9. Turbidity meter® Orion AQ 3010

- Range: 0 – 1000 NTU

For turbidity measurement in Lab and at sampling sites


10. Furnace® Yamato FO310- Japan

- Temp: 100-11500C (±20C)

- Volume: 7,5 L

- Auto stop and timing control

- Analyze VOC in soil, water, organic waste, crystallization. 

11. Refrigerated Centrifuge® MIKRO 220R

- Max speed: 18000 rad/min

- Temp: -200C – 400C

- Rotor 24 tube Volume 1.5-2.0 mL


To separate solid and liquid phase

12. Lipid Rapid Extraction

Extract lipid for quantification

13. EC, TDS, Salinity Meter- MM-41DP (TOA- Japan)



EC, TDS, salinity measurement

14. Thermal Cycler®  Astec 485 (Nhật)

Sample: 30 tubes


To amplify DNA

15. Freezer (Temp: minus 300C)

Store microbial samples, environmental sensitive samples storage

16. Gel Reading® C150 (USA)

Size gel:  25x30cm

Camera 5.4 Mpixel

Touch control

Suitable for Ethidium Bromide, SYBR® green, SYBR gold, SYPRO orange, fluorescein, RadiantRed, Texas Red, SYPRO Red

For gel scanning to screen DNA, protein



17. Water Sapmler

Depth: 20 m

Sample volume: 1200 mL


Used to collect composite water sample at different depths

18. Multiparameter® C3020T (Bỉ)

pH, EC, DO measurement




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