Lab of Environmental Chemistry is a majoring one to support analyzing and assessing targets chemical pollution in water, soil, air,…supporting observation and evaluation of environmental quality( soil, water, air).

Funded by many programs of international cooperation, Lab’s equipment completely meets requisitions of analyzing water, air majoring in environment according to TCVN- A handbook of analysis of Soil-Water-Fertilizer-Crops, the Standard method of AWWA, Standard method of Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Waste Water  and some standards, standard methods of Europe with high accuracy. 


Lab has been used and controlled by lecturers with much experience for many years.

Dr. Pham Van Toan, email:

Recently, the lab, is set up much modern equipment, can analyze targets of environmental physics and chemistry. Some targets are analyzed and determined at the lab and there is representative equipment as follow. 


  1. pH

    Method: measured directly by quick meters


    i. Hand-held pH Meter ORION- England- Model 230A

Technical features: measure pH, temperature, redox potenmetry

+ pH -2.00 to 19.99, accuracy ± 0.02                                                                         

+ Temperature: -5 to 1050C, accuracy  ±1.0

+Voltage: -1600 to +1600 mV, accuracy ± 0.2 mV or ±0.05%

  ii. pH Meter ORION – England- Model 420 A

Technical features: measure pH, measure DO, temperature and redox-potenmetry (mV)

+ pH: -2 to 19.999, accuracy ± 0.005

+ Voltage: -1600 to +1600 mV, accuracy ± 0.2 mV or ±0.05%

+Temperature: -5 to 1050C, accuracy ±1.0

  iii. Hand-held pH Meter WTW- Germany- Model 330

Technical features: measure automatic pH, temperature, voltage(mV). Besides, the machine is able to measure redox voltage when using electrode Redox, manual data storage mode(store) and automatic(Auto store)

+ pH; -2 to 16, accuracy ±0.01

+ mV: -1250 to +1250, accuracy ±1.0

+Temperature: -5 to 99.90C, accuracy ± 0.1

 2. DO

-  Methods: measure directly with quick meters and chemicals(improvement method Winkler)

-  Equipment: Hand-held DO meter WTW- Germany- Model Oxi 330

The machine can work every posture.

Technical features:

+ DO: 0 to 50 mg/L, accuracy ±0.5%

+ Temperature: o to 500C, accuracy ± 0.1

+ Maximum pressure: 6 bar 

3. Electric Conductivity

- Method: measured directly with quick meters

- Equipment:

i. Hand-held conductible meter ORION- England – Model 105

Technical features: measure electric conductivity (µS, mS), salt(0/00)and temperature. The machine can also check itself.

+ Electric conductivity: 0 to 199.9 mS, accuracy ± 0.5% max

+Salt: 0 to 80 ppt(0/00), accuracy ± 0.5% max

+Temperature: -5 to 1050C, accuracy ± 1.0

ii. Electric conductivity meter JENWAY- England-Model 4320

Technical features: measure electric conductivity (µS, mS), dissolve solid total (mg/L)

Besides, the machine is able to store data (100 data) with time, choose conversational language, print data into screens or printers

+ Electric conductivity: 0 to 19.99 S, accuracy ± 0.5%

+ Dissolvable solid total: 0 to 2000 mg/L, accuracy: ±0.5%

+ Impedance: 0 to 20 Mohms

+ Temperature: -10 to 1050C, accuracy ±0.5 0C

+ Salt: 0 to 99,9g/L, accuracy ±1  (0 - 35); ± 3 (35 - 99.9) 

4. Target BOD5


. Improvement method Winkler

. Method Electrode

. Method using Oxi Top

Equipment and tools

. Improvement method Winkler; bottle BOD, buret, tủ ấm BOD, magnetic stirrer

. Method Electrode: DO meter, microorganism, bottle BOD, tủ ấm BOD, magnetic stirrer

5. Turbidity

- Methods: measured directly with quick meters

- Equipment: Turb 555 iR

Technical features:

Be continuous to update…


i. Surrounding air pollutants


Method absorbing air through solution with equipment DESAGA

Method using hand-held quick meters PROTECTAIRE

1. CO2

Methods: Titrate axit oxalic (HCOO)2 with phenolphthalein indicator 1%

Equipment and Tools : air sampling equipment DESAGA ( including air sampling meters and tools containing absorbency solution (impinger), buret, erlen 100mL

2. S02


- Spectrometric method using reactant Pararosanilin ( Method of West –Gaeke)

- Methods Axit- H2O2  

Equipment and Tools:

-Spectrometric method using reactant Pararosanilin: air sampling equipment DESAGA, impinger, spectrophotometer (548nm), test tube.

- Acid method – H2O2: air sampling equipment DESAGA, impinger, pH meter , buret, erlen 100mL

3. NO2

Methods: Spectrometric method using reactant NEDA (N-(I-Naphtylethylene diamine))     

Equipment and Tools: air sampling equipment DESAGA, impinger, spectrophotometer (540nm), test tube.

4. NH3

Methods: Spectrometric method using reactant Nessler

Equipment and Tools: air sampling equipment DESAGA, impinger, spectrophotometer (440nm), test tube.

Technical features:

Air sample capacity: 0.2- 12 liters/ min, manual setting

Air sample volume: 1- 9999 liters, accuracy ± 2%, automatic setting

Air sample time: 1- 9999 mins, automatic setting

Absorbed air temperature; - 100C to + 800C, accuracy ± 0.20C

      Working temperature of machine: 0 – 500C

      Moisture: 20 – 80%

       Memory capacity: store 20 data

      Weight: 10 kgs

     Voltage 12 V across adapter 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz

    Technical features:

Measuring oxygen, toxic gas, and explosive gas content

Having display monitor and alert sound

Voltage: battery 6 x 1.5 V

ii. Combustion gas: O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2

Methods: : measure directly with hand machine

Equipment and Tools: hand combustion gas meter KANE-MAY( the machine includes detectors, remote control, center parts.

Hand combustion gas meter QUINTOX - KANE-MAY KM 9106 Model KM 9106

Technical features:

The machine measures gas released from punched holes.

Working temperature of the machine: 0 – 400C

Working temperature of the detector: 6500C( to measure high temperature, buying high pressure electrode( about 11000C))

Voltage of remote control part : battery 4 x 1.5 V         

Voltage of center part : rechargeable battery 12V

iii . Other Targets    

1. Moisture

- Methods: Measure directly with desktop moisture meters

- Equipment and Tools: wind meters combing with SATO- Model 7730

Technical features

Measure directly speed and direction of wind 

Speed of wind from 3 to 30m/s, accuracy   ± 0.5 m/s   

Minimum speed of wind 10m/s, accuracy   ± 0.5%       

2. Dust concentration meter   Sibata HVS - 500 - 5S –Japan

   Weight: 9.2 kg 

   Voltage : 220 V AC 

   Deduster: 7.07 mm           

   Filter paper Æ110 mm

3. Light

   Methods: measure directly by hand-held machines 

   Equipment and Tools: hand-held light meter Lutron, Mod LX-107, Taiwan 

   Technical features: The machine can measure 4 types of light: sunlight, light of Fluorescent, light of sodium, and light of mercury. 

   Scales: from 2000 to 100000 LUX

4. Noise

   Methods: measure directly with hand-held noise meters 

   Equipment and Tools: hand-held noise meters, Digital Sound Meter (DSM 100) 

   Technical features

             . Scales : 35 - 130 dB, show to  0.1 dB, accuracy ± 2.0 dB

             . Low scales: 35 - 100 dB

             . high scales 65 - 130 dB

             . Good temperature: : 0 - 400C

5. Dust

 Methods: Determinate dust content on the air with membrane filter method using different dust concentration meters. 

  Equipment and Tools: 

a. Dust concentration meters Sibata PS-43 ( the machine has small guns collect gas samples, flowmeters, impacter, filter papers and silicon oil, dust meters Sibata LD-1, dust concentration meter High Volume Air Sampler HVS-500-5S( the machine has guns collect air samplers, charts to determine concentration and filter papers

Technical features of dust concentration meters Sibata PS-43 -Japan:        

. Concentration of collecting gas: from 0.5 to 2.0 liters/min

. Voltage: 3 batteries AA

b. Technical of dust meters Sibata LD-1 – Japan

     - Sensitivity: 1CPM = 0.001 mg/m3, 0.001-10 mg/m3

    - Accuracy :< ±10% compared to hạt chuẩn

   -  Measuring meter: 5 khoảng 0.1; 1; 2; 5. manual setting

   - Showing LCD 4 numbers: from 0 to 1000

  - Voltage: 6V DC, 8 batteries AA

6. Determining biogas

-Method: Measure pressure through measuring heads OxiTop and controller

- Equipment: equipment measures fermentable ability anaerobic OXITOP CONTROL AN6

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