1. Environmental Engineering Chemistry Lab.





           Head of Lab: Assoc.Prof. Pham Van Toan

           Email: pvtoan@ctu.edu.vn

2. Mission and function of laboratory

Environmental Engineering Chemistry Laboratory serves as a venue for lecturers teach the practical courses, for undergraduate students to carry out their thesis, and for staffs to conduct scientific researches and analysis of physicochemical properties of environmental objects.

The lab serves the following tasks:Teaching practical courses of basic and specialized modules for undergraduate students in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Environmental Management;Participating in training master and doctoral programs related to environmental chemistry;Participating in analysis of the typical physicochemical parameters of water, wastewater, soil environment, solid waste and air environment;Participating in research and development of chemical analysis methods in environmental quality assessment;Participating in research and development of environmental treatment technologies by chemical methods

 3. Main Facilities 


a. Rotary Evaporator System Buchi R-100

- Rotary evaporator Buchi R100

- Vacuum pump V-100 with Interface control I-100

- Circulating cooler Chiller F-100

b. Pressured gas blowing contentrator Eyela MGS 2200

- Aluminum block nhôm 24 holes with diameter of 15mm

- A set of 24 microtubes MGS 2200

- Nitrogen gas cylinder

c. Spectrophotometer Shimadzu UV 1900

- Wavelength interval: 0 – 1100.0nm;

- Desktop Hp, core i5

- Printer Hp

-10 mm square cells

d. Distillation system Kjeldahl Gerhardt VAP 50s

Tubing set; Mains cable Kjeldatherm digestion tube.

e. Dissolved Oxygen Meter WTW inoLab 470

Dissolved oxygen concentration: 0.00 - 20.00mg/L ±0,5 % Mw

f. Thermostatically controlled incubators TC-135S TC-175S