The CENRes have been collaborating with many partners from inside and outside Viet Nam for conducting studies at different levels. 45 provincial projects, 16 projects granted from the ministries of Viet Nam, 132 and 93 CTU internal project respectively for students and staffs, 28 international projects and 13 projects funded by JICA have been implemented since 2008.

          The partners of CENRes are various from different countries and organisations in the world.  The partners can be listed such as JICA, JIRCAS (Japan International Research Center for Agriculture Science), DANIDA (Denmark), SNV (Germany), NASA (USA), and NGOs (WWF, IUCN,…).




Cooperating with Training Cooperative Center, Can Tho University (formerly Department of Academic Affairs), CENRes has offered cooperative study programs since 1997. Up to now, the college has had a successful collaboration with 13 educational cooperative units. The most popular cooperative study programs are Land Management, Environmental Engineering, Environment and Natural Resource Management. In terms of part-time training, it has an enrollment of 1864 undergraduate students. CENRes has been preparing to enroll students for some distance training program of Environment and Natural Resource Management.

Administration Office

                                                                                                                Tel no.: (0292) 3831068     Fax: (0292) 3831068  
1. Supporting staff:


Full name




Nguyen Thi Bich Nhi

- general affairs, scientific research affairs, international relation affairs, financial affairs 


Pham Viet Nu

- Academic affairs, quality assurance, student-related affairs


Bui Thi Chuyen

- Archive management, postgraduate affairs, student-related affairs


Ngo Minh Nhu Chau

- Classroom management


Tran Thi Kim Hong

- Personnel management


Nguyen Thanh Trung

- Facility management and website administration


2. Function
Administration office functions as a consultancy and assisting unit for Dean Board in organization and management of administrative-related affairs and information exchange between Dean Board with staff, lecturers, students and other units inside and outside the College and CanTho University.
3. Responsibilities
3.1. Administration Unit
- To propose general plans on the college activities related to administration, gather information about the college activities. To keep records and monitor the implementation of planned activities.
- To manage the College’s archive effectively.
- To monitor and remind departments and other units at the College to implement activities as planned.
- To make reports, a variety of official document...based on the Dean Board’s request.
- To update data on college activities in order to provide for Dean Board as request.

- To manage classrooms, halls, and audio-visual devices.
- To organize, guide and check format and contents of official document of units in the College.
- To keep records and provide referrals, on-duty travel paper, parcel delivery, etc.
- To monitor the emulation and commendation work of the College
- To manage the stamp of the College
- To carry out regular sanitation and to safeguard the area managed by the College.
- To attempt to resolve normative administrative procedures fast, timely and effectively.
- To clean regularly the halls and manage facilities properly.
- To prepare carefully for all work, and to be devoted and considerate to give good service to everyone.
  3.2. Security Guard Unit
- To safeguard the entire area managed by College in terms of security, properties, equipment, facilities, firefighting, sanitation and environmental protection within the College’s compound.
- To control staff and visitors in and out the college.
- To welcome and report the Dean Board about visitors who come to the College.
  3.3 Cleaning Unit
 - To clean the entire area managed by the College.

            After having been carrying out internal AUN-QA programme assessment, study programs will be registered for their quality improvement in the following year in order to improve deficiencies of the previous year reported in AUN-QA programme assessment. CENRes has improved and enhanced education quality of undergraduate study programs such as Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Land Management, and Environment and Natural Resource Management.   

            Quality improvement in study program is a regular activity at College of Environment and Natural Resources.


          Phối hợp Trung tâm Liên kết đào tạo, Trường Đại học Cần Thơ (trước đó là Phòng đào tạo), các ngành đào tạo trong Khoa đã có lịch sử đào tạo liên kết từ những năm 1997. Tính từ thời điểm đó đến nay, Khoa đã có liên kết đào tạo với 13 đơn vị liên kết đào tạo. Các ngành đào tạo liên kết nhiều nhất là Quản lý đất đai, Kỹ thuật môi trường, Quản lý tài nguyên và môi trường. Số lượng SV hệ VLVH tính đến nay là 890 sinh viên. Khoa chưa tuyển sinh hệ đào tạo từ xa; tuy nhiên, Khoa đang chuẩn bị chiêu sinh hệ đào tạo từ xa cho một số ngành.


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