The Department of Environment and Natural Resources belonging to the College of Environment and Natural Resources was established under Decision No 187/QĐ-ĐHCT dated 19 February 2008 and officially changed its name to Department of Environmental Management under the Decision No. 264/QĐ-ĐHCT dated 30/01/2015. The Department of Environmental Management trains scientists and engineers at undergraduate and graduate levels in Environment and Natural Resources Management. In addition, the department also has the strength in scientific research and technology transfer in the field of Environment and Natural Resources Management. From 2013 to 2014, the department completed the self-assessment of undergraduate and graduate programs in ASEAN University Networks (AUN) standards. Then the department has continued to participate in self-assessment of the undergraduate curriculum in Environment and Natural Resources Management in compliance with AUN standards. The curriculum fulfils all requirements of AUN-QA standards and is recognized by Decision No. 5747/QĐ-ĐHCT dated 26/12/2016.

       By September 2021, the lecturing staff of the department consists of eight lecturers (5 females and 3 males), in which the numbers of Associate professors, Ph.D., and Masters are 1, 4, and 3, respectively. The department is enhancing the quality of training, human resources development, and promoting scientific research, technology transfer, and international collaboration. In 2017, the Department of Environmental Management participated in the Official Development Assistance (ODA) cooperation project with Japan. The department is also expected to send two staff to pursue their higher education in Japan’s Universities.


Department Leaders





Assoc. Prof. Truong Hoang Dan, PhD 

Head of Department 


Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giao, PhD

Deputy Head of Department 



The core responsibilities of the Department of Environmental Management are the followings:

     + Training undergraduate and graduate levels in Environment and Natural Resources Management;

     + Implementing fundamental research and application as well as technology transfer in various fields including (i) environmental protection by planning and sustainable use of natural resources, (ii) community-based environment and natural resources management, (iii) strategic environmental assessment and environmental impact assessment, and (iv) application of Geographic Information System (GIS) and remote sensing in environment and natural resources management towards sustainable development in the Mekong Delta relying on available human resources and cooperation with  domestic and foreign partners.


 The college and the department boards are targeting to make the Department of Environmental Management become a highly qualified unit complying with external standards in teaching and research

The department will focus on the following tasks:

+ Developing human resources by nominating staff to foreign universities for short-training course, pursuing graduate degrees (Master, Ph.D), and advancing research capability through the post-doctoral course.

+ Facilitating sending students to attend short-term training courses abroad to enhance the quality of training.

+ Improving and strengthening equipment and teaching facilities via using domestic and foreign investment capital.

+ Consolidating and broadening relations and cooperation with internal and external partners to enhance the quality of teaching, scientific research, consultancy and technology transfer.


Contact: Department of Environmental Management
- 1st Floor - College of Environment and Natural Resources - Can Tho University
- Address: Campus II, 3/2 - Xuan Khanh Ward - Ninh Kieu District - HCMC. Can Tho
- Email:


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