Environmental Management Lab


Environmental Management Laboratory (Lab) was established under Decision No. 1805/QD-ĐHCT dated May 27, 2016. This is a specialized lab for teaching and research in environmental management field. The lab activities offer good conditions for undergraduate and graduate students in practice and performing experiments to better understand coursework, supporting facilities for staff and students in scientific research.


 Head of Lab: Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giao

 Contact: ntgiao@ctu.edu.vn 


The lab is collaborating with other labs in the faculty to ensure sufficient equipment for learning and researching. The lab's equipment is invested mainly from the university’s budget and international cooperation programs, especially the Japanese ODA program.

Some lab equipment:


Device/tool ​​name




Supporting groundtruthing, mapping



Measuring dry biomass


pH meter

Measuring pH


DO meter

Measuring dissolved oxygen


EC meter

Measuring electrical conductivity



Measuring salinity for assessing salinity evolution, saline intrusion


Plankton sampling net

Collecting plankton in water bodies


Petersen's gause

Sampling zoobenthos and sediment samples in water bodies



Analyzing plankton diversity



Surveying bird diversity


Tape measure

Establishing standard square for plant biodiversity


Function and Misson

The Environmental Management Lab serves for practical courses and supporting scientific research.


Field of Research - Application

  1. Teaching theory and practice of modules such as Environmental Quality Management, Ecosystem Management, Practice of Environment and Natural Resources Management, Graduation Thesis, ... 
  2. Instructing students to practice.
  3. Carrying out research on assessment of environmental resource management and biodiversity. Specifically, the analysis of biodiversity indicators of groups of organisms will be applied to the conservation of biological resources, including the maintenance of native species in parallel with the management and prevention of alien species.
  4. Analysing biodiversity indexes as indicators of aquatic and benthic groups applied to the assessment of soil and water quality...
  5. Supporting research and sample analysis in domestic and foreign cooperation projects.
  6. Archiving samples of biodiversity in the Mekong Delta region


Research and Development Orientation

The laboratory focuses human resources development in which the staff are regularly attended in laboratory skill training.  

The laboratory focuses on purchasing laboratory equipment to meet the demand of teaching practical courses and doing research projects in professional fields as well as other related fields and industries.


Activities of the Lab

 Guide students to practice


Teaching and training students

Publication of Vietnamese and English Articles

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