The CENRes is a well-known educational and research unit of the university based on its long term activities and research programs. Due to recent contributions from international cooperative projects such as VLIR-CTU, CAULES, SANSED, TRIG, ODA-Japan, the CENRes currently have adequate facilities such as 14 laboratories, 5 class rooms, a library, audio-visual teaching aids. Presently, all departments have their own modern laboratories with adequate facilities and equipments for training and research activities.
Fourteen specialized laboratories in the CENRes are as follows:

  1. Lab of Environmental Biology and Advanced Environmental Biology 
  2. Lab of Soil & Water Environment and Advanced Soil & Water Environment 
  3. Lab of Environmental Toxicology and Advanced Environmental Toxicology 
  4. Lab of Advanced Environmental Analysis 
  5. Lab of Water & Wastewater Treatment and Advanced Water & Wastewater Treatment 
  6. Lab of Solid Waste Treatment and Advanced Solid Waste Treatment 
  7. Lab of Environmental Engineering Chemistry and Advanced Environmental Engineering Chemistry 
  8. Lab of Air Pollution Control and Advanced Air Pollution Control 
  9. Lab of GIS - Remote Sensing 
  10. Lab of Land resources 
  11. Lab of Groundwater Modelling  
  12. Lab of Surface Water Modelling 
  13.  Lab of Water Resources 
  14.  Lab of Environmental and Climate Change Monitoring 

These laboratories have been served not only for student’s practice works but also for the research of master and PhD. students and staffs. Besides basic equipment for physical, chemical and biological analyses, advanced equipments have been invested such as GC-MS, HPLC, etc. that required for high accurately analyses.



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