Mr. Fujiwara Nobuyoshi and Dr. Minamikawa Kazunori from JIRCAS to visit CENRes from September 13th  to 21st, 2018

 From September 12th to 21st 2018, Mr. Fujiwara (Sub-Project leader) and Dr. Minamikawa (senior researcher) of the JIRCAS project (Japan International Research Center for Agriculture Sciences), will visit the College of Environment and Natural Resources, Can Tho University (CTU) in cooperation program between JIRCAS and CTU via the project “Development of agricultural technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emission from the Mekong Delta”. The goals of the visit will be:

  • To discuss the utilization of anaerobic fermentation, taken from a common biogas digester, for rice cultivation as organic fertilizers.
  • To set up a field monitoring station in the paddy field to monitor surface water levels as a useful tool for effective water control.
  • To develop a research plan for a pilot-scale experiment at a farm household.
  • To participate in the annual workshop of the JIRCAS project.


Length of Visit

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