Introduction to Master degree programs in CENRes

College of Environment and Natural Resources manages 4 master programs and 01 specialized program including:

  • Master of Environmental Sciences
  • Master of Environment and Natural Resource Management (specialized program: Master of Delta Management and Climate Changes)
  • Master of Land Management
  • Master of Environmental Engineering

See detailed curriculum here

           In order to provide high quality human resources for the Vietnamese Mekong Delta, CENRes has offered master programs since its founding in 2008. Up to now, there are hundreds of alumni who are working in many different fields in the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh city, Eastern region and throughout Vietnam. Master programs apply credit-based curriculum (60 credits focusing on scientific research). CENRes has been equipped with modern facilities, equipment together with a range of scientific researches, collaborative projects, which remarkably contributes to training and educational activities in the field of environment and natural resources.


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