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KWEF-AIT Research Grant 2016 (KARG 2016) – dành cho Cán bộ trẻ – nghiên cứu sinh – học viên


Background: Kurita Water and Environmental Foundation (KWEF) is a public interest incorporated foundation aiming at contribution to the development of new technology of water and environmental protection. Since it was established in 1997, about 800 grants were awarded out of total application of about 6,000 with total amount of the grants of about 500 m Japanese Yen.  The KWEF, in collaboration with Asian institute of Technology (AIT), has launched a new research grant program (KWEF-AIT Research Grant, KARG) for young researchers mainly in emerging countries in South East Asia.

Purpose: KARG aims to promote human resource development through researches to solve water and/or environmental problems in South East Asia. The focal research area in 2016 is water-related Environmental Science and Technology.

  • Total grant amount in 2016: Three million Japanese yen in total for ca. 16 projects (max 300,000 Japanese yen each >= 61.000.000 VNĐ)
  • Target countries in 2016: Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam
  • 2016 Research Period: From September 1st, 2016 to August 31st, 2017

The Best Researcher Selection and Invitation to Japan: KWEF will invite the best researcher among the 2016 awardees to Tokyo, in August 2018, to give invited lectures and visit laboratories based on the 2016 Research outcomes to be selected by the KARG selection committee in January 2018.

Note: 2014 Awardee invited lectures: August 25th-26th, 2016 (venue in Tokyo)

Definition of young researcher: Less than or equal to 40 years old in principle (PhD candidates are also encouraged to apply.)

Details: click here or here

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