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English Club for Students

English really plays an important role in daily communication and work; therefore, the "Fun-Speaking-Studying-Researching in English" club is established since the 1st semester of the 2014-2015 school year. The club's main participants are the College’s students, postgraduates, and young staffs of the DENRM. The club aims to create the English-learning environment and activities (including both general and environmental professional English) designed to help participants to improve their overall experience of English studies (listening, speaking, reading, writing, etc.) as well as soft skills (communication skill, presentation skill, teamwork and collaboration skill, problem solving skill, critical observation skill, report writing skill, literature review skill, etc.) in the process of learning, researching and daily communication.

During the school year, the club’s meetings will be held at least once a week in the computer room of the DENRM. These meetings include the main following activities:

+ Academic seminars on environmental topics presented by professors, experts, lecturers, guests, from the College.

+ Group presentation to share experience and knowledge in the environmental field.

+ Watching videos about environmental topics and group discussions.

+ Playing English games to enhance teamwork ability, problem-solving skill, communication skill, etc.

+ Face-to-face conversations to improve the reaction in English.

+ Sharing English materials that are useful for studying both general and environmental professional English.

The club is managed by staff of the DENRM including:

- Advisor: Dr. Van Pham Dang Tri (Mobile: 0909552092, email:

- Coordinator: MSc. Nguyen Hong Duc (Mobile: 0907891797, email:

- Secretary: Tran Thi Le Hang (Mobile: 0919277477, email:

- Assistants: Other staffs of the DENRM.

Some pictures of English Club activities: